Coping and Stress

Coping and Stress

People Development Australia has one program to meet your coping and stress-management needs. We can also tailor a stress management program to meet your needs.


  • Coping and Stress  Half-day to 2-day program


To avoid the peaks and valleys of productivity created by high stress and burnout, you need to know how to balance the urgent demands of work and personal life without sacrificing either.  Even when things are going smoothly, the cumulative effects of day-to-day stressors affect the way people behave.


This program provides you with important insights into how stress in one life area impacts other areas, how coping resources in one area can be used to decrease stress in another, and how stress, coping resources, and overall life satisfaction are all closely related.


Research shows that people who develop and use relationship coping resources manage their stress far more effectively than people who rely only on personal coping resources like diet and exercise.  The four key relationship coping resources are:


The ability to deal directly with problems and make positive changes to resolve them.


The ability to honestly share thoughts and feelings with others to promote mutual understanding.


A comfort level with others and the ability to connect with people.


An openness and ability to respond to change. Improve Performance and Increase Life Satisfaction


The Coping and Stress program helps you to:

  • Discover individual stress issues in each life area    
  • Capitalise on coping strengths to manage stress    
  • Learn to minimise or eliminate common, daily stressors    
  • Identify areas for coping skills improvement    
  • Develop flexibility in responding to change    
  • Communicate more effectively to improve problem-solving    
  • Build mutually supportive relationships 

The program can use the Coping & Stress Profile®, a unique learning instrument that connects stress and coping in four life areas:

  • Personal    
  • Work    
  • Couple    
  • Family


Coping and Stress
Coping and Stress



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